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Fide sed cui vide

Election Fever begins

Only 3 months til we get the chance to choose a new county councillor... no-one has pinned their names on the mast yet but you can guess a few runners already...

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If you care about democracy, and change, and fairness, and you also understand that leaflets do not print themselves, and that Indepedent candidates have no party backing, then please feel free to donate time or resources to my campaign via the address shown. All help is gratefully received.

A hard rain’s gonna fall Vs. The times, they are a’changin’

What's going on (said Marvin) Posted on Thu, March 21, 2013 07:59:38

I can now see how some blogs ( holding my hand up as charged ) do sort of dwindle over time… It’s hard you know… holding down a full time job, meetings at council, governors meetings, extraordinary residents meetings and then trying to get out and about to deliver leaflets – usually in the rain! And then coming home and thinking of something clever, telling and non-libellous to say…

But, when all is said and done, you don’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs so I roll on and offer my wholehearted support to all those who seek to serve their communities and fellow residents in any way that they see fit … The UK has a proud tradition of people pulling together to help those who can’t do so themselves and long may it continue.

May the 2nd is polling day… please tell everyone you know that, whoever they intend to vote for, they must vote as it is the only opportunity we have as a free and democratic country to express our concerns, views and aspirations… and see them realised!

If you have not registered to vote, then Wednesday 17th April is the deadline. Call EDDC election services by the 10th April at the latest to get the necessary papers sent out to you. The 17th is also the last day for receipt of applications for postal votes, again I would suggest the 10th is a realistic deadline.

EDDC election services can be reached on 01395 517402 for help and advice.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… do not think that your vote does not count… every vote matters and it is the usually silent minority that will change Devon for the better. Less politics and more passion, belief and debate will make this county a glorious place to work, rest and play in.

I’ve got wet eyes now!

The sting in the tale….

What's going on (said Marvin) Posted on Mon, March 11, 2013 11:37:35

There has been a flurry of activity this morning online following the allegations in the Telegraph that leading EDDC councillor Graham Brown has offered his services to developers offering cash-for-planning access via his connections at EDDC. Story here:

If the story is proved true, and I hope for the sake of democracy it is false, then Cllr Brown is surely in breach of the EDDC Code of Conduct which clearly states:

1.3 When acting in your capacity as a Member or Co-opted Member of the
Council –

(a) you must act solely in the public interest and should never improperly
confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person or act to gain financial or
other material benefits for yourself, your family, a friend or close associate;

Please, please, PLEASE, EDDC – make a stand on this and prove once and for all that government in East Devon is for the people, by the people, of the people… I beg you!


Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark…

What's going on (said Marvin) Posted on Fri, March 08, 2013 09:05:09

You know when you get a nagging doubt in your mind and it just won’t go away, well that’s how I feel this morning… when you are walking around delivering campaign leaflets, you get a lot of quiet time to ruminate on what has been, what may be and where you fit into the equation..

The catastrophe that is the demise of carpets has brought to light certain issues and concerns that perhaps, just maybe, the timing of all of this is not quite as it seems.

We now know that the land at Cloakham has been sold off, I presume to a property delevelopment company / housebuilder… the sums are too large for small fry to be involved… however, there was the stumbling block of the SAVE OUR PARKLAND judicial review appeal to overcome… this was dropped in light of carpet’s woes… you then have the issues of water and flooding if development progressed… a recent report said that these concerns were unfounded….we then move to traffic, and one might speculate that a previously declined traffic survey may well now be announced to assess the traffic needs of our town….that just leaves economnic need and vital infrastructure…. well, the proposed CIL ( community infrastructure levy ) which will replace Section 106 makes it very appealing to EDDC to progress with this development… after all, at £6800 per house ( the £8000 levy minus Axminsters 15% piece of the pie ) x 400 houses = £2.7m, none of which has to spent in the town as CIL is designed to fund DISTRICT WIDE projects…. What? Like Cranbrook ? Ahhhh, now it all becomes clear….

I would hate to think that our MP, the DCC, the EDDC and our elected representatives have colluded in a way that does not support the town 100%… I am positive they haven’t but something is not quite right here folks, and I will get to the bottom of it…

Off to Musbury to leaflet…. byseee.


These boots are made for walking…

What's going on (said Marvin) Posted on Fri, March 01, 2013 08:17:44

Day three of Operation WALKABOUT and I feel as if I have just run the gauntlet of lots of little kids with baseball bats as my lower legs are aching something rotten… 1300 leaflets delivered so far and only 3700 to go… sigh….

Important meeting today at the Knowle re: future of EDDC’s HQ… expect lots of public support, and tonight at the Guildhall, public meeting at 7.30pm re: the future of our beloved hospital…

Hope to see lots of you there…

Best wishes


And they’re off…. 25/1 and falling

What's going on (said Marvin) Posted on Fri, February 22, 2013 18:52:16

Ooooohhh… I’m so excited… My pre-election leaflets from Ecolourprint, Grimsby arrived today… 5000 double sided A4, full colour on lubbly glossy paper… just got to deliver them now ( these boots are made for walkin’ )smiley

And, as the subject title suggests, I’m gonna pop down to bookies tomorrow after the Carpet Rally in town at 10.30am to put a score on me to win…

Finally, good to hear that EDA has got off the ground:

here comes the weekend… mighty chilly outside…


Blessed are the Songwriters

What's going on (said Marvin) Posted on Fri, February 15, 2013 08:36:57

Oh the games people play now
Every night and every day now
Never meaning what they say now
Never saying what they mean

Look around tell me what you see
What’s happening to you and me
God grant me the serenity
To remember who I am

Cause you’ve given up your sanity
For your pride and your vanity
Turns you sad on humanity
And you don’t give a da da da da da

All rights to this video, music track, lyrics belong to Joe South. I have simply posted lyrics as a counterpoint to the way things appear to be at present time.

If you fancy something a bit more feminine, and modern ( sic ), try a bit of Jem


Who made up all the rules?
We follow them like fools,
Believe them to be true,
Don’t care to think them through

And it’s ironic too
‘Cause what we tend to do
Is act on what they say
And then it is that way

Do you see what I see?
Why do we live like this?
Is it because it’s true
That ignorance is bliss?


You copied EVERYONE? Arrrgggggghhh!!!

What's going on (said Marvin) Posted on Wed, February 13, 2013 21:06:45

Great story from oop north ( devon, that is )

So rather than fight for Devon, Cllr Hart wants to stitch up the opposition regardless of whether their ideas are good for devon, their districts, their communities?

So, good to hear about it before the election starts from Cllr Hughes and a hat-tip to Alan Hughes for spreading the lurve around….

This is why the voting population roll their eyes and raise their eyebrows when professional local politicians open their mouths and make promises… vote for me and I’ll…… yeah, whatever mate!

Roll on May 2nd boys, just smile and wave, JUST SMILE AND WAVE…!


Hat-tip to SIN for bringing this faux-pas to my attention. Thank you Sir

What I learned today?

What's going on (said Marvin) Posted on Mon, February 11, 2013 22:06:26

1) Never start a play-fight with a demented, cross-eyed siamese cat! You cannot possibly win; after all, they have points at 5 ends whereas i only have a roll of plumbers PTFE tape to work with!

2) Never throw the essential bit you need to plumb in that cistern at the cat in an attempt to distract it, as you will then end up with a thoroughly un-distracted cat after a few seconds of frolicing, and also lose that very important bit into the only hole in the floorboard that you could not find with a microscope if your tried…. but which the cat knows about obviously!

3) Never leave your Devon Cream tea unattanded for more than one millisecond when said feline is on the prowl… score at close of play – GERONIMO 1 : PICKLES 0

For a brief glimpse into the life of a cat, check out YOUTUBE and type in Simon’s Cat… there are quite a few of them and they are all hilarious.

Miaow indeed..


P.S. sending out best wishes to Frank Pocock, Peter Beebe and Ken Gray

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